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Below are some images from the Jefferson Wilderness Area, formerly just Jefferson National Forest. My daughter and I hiked here this past weekend to see where my father worked as a fire lookout back in the summer of 1947. He is in the top left photo and his cabin and the lake are also there, too. The cabin and the lookout that was at the top of Grizzly Peak are no longer there, but the area looks very much the same as when he was there 76 years ago.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything – here’s the mighty Willamette River in flood stage after several days of hard rain, something rare for our area. The dams upriver needed some relief and expansive clay soils get saturated so you end up with this. This is near campus, from the river that leads you to the ball stadiums and Pre’s Trail (the most famous of the running trails we have here) . . I hope to update this more regularly once again. We’ll see. Hope Spring is treating folks well –

IMG 2819

“In our modern lifestyle we are not runners anymore. So we are basically disconnected from what we previously had to do. Most of us are out of shape and we don’t have to run for our hamburger or our dinner. But deep down we are still all runners and so our minds, as much as our muscles are part of this running phenotype.”

No hay sinonimo para Dios mas perfecta que la Belleza.

Translation: There is no synonym for God more perfect than Beauty.

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This was created by a friend of mine who is a Landscape Architecture professor here in the College of Design. Basically he took the published data for the dates and times of the sunrise and sunset and created a chart. It shows the dates and times of the earliest SUNSET, after which the light lasts a little bit longer each evening. Also on the chart is the time of the latest SUNRISE, afterwhich the sunrise will begin rising a little bit earlier as the planet makes its way around the sun. Great graphic of this phenomenon, in my opinion. 🙂