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This is a video in which Mr. Kipchoge talks about his upbringing in Kenya and his attempt to break the two hour barrier in the marathon, which he almost did last May. It’s worth watching I think (turn on Close Captioning, but listen too, as his accent makes some of the captions that are produced inaccurate).

Three important items from his talk:

1. Stick to your priorities

2. No excuses

3. Learn to say “No.”

Finally, he argues that discipline is like a muscle – the more it gets put into use, the stronger it becomes.

i run:
*to feel better physically and mentally
*to challenge my body
*to achieve goals
*friendship and comraderie
*to meditate
*to think
*to be outdoors
*to explore new places
*to keep perspective

Today I graduated from PT which arrives several months from an ankle break that happened while overenthusiastically playing softball last May 22nd. I should have stayed at 2nd base and I shouldn’t have slid into 3rd. Ah well – I am grateful for the physical therapist that I had who helped me regain range-of-motion and most of the strength that this kind of injury costs. There is still work to be done, but for now, I do not need to return to see Michael.

I got the shirt as a graduation gift. 🙂