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Below are some images from the Jefferson Wilderness Area, formerly just Jefferson National Forest. My daughter and I hiked here this past weekend to see where my father worked as a fire lookout back in the summer of 1947. He is in the top left photo and his cabin and the lake are also there, too. The cabin and the lookout that was at the top of Grizzly Peak are no longer there, but the area looks very much the same as when he was there 76 years ago.

All packed and ready to go –

Today Nora and I head out to the Jefferson Wilderness Area for two nights. This is her first backpacking trip and something I’ve been looking forward to since last May. Good times . . . . !

Commitment devices, Frameworks and incremental success — via: Craig Mod – 

Walking, Habits, Systems — Ridgeline issue 027:

Long walks can be frameworks. Long walks contain rhythm and monotony. Using this framework, this monotony, I looked to amplify a few specific good habits, and nullify bad ones.

For me, this is akin to my running. Rhythm, monotony, duration, endurance, meditation, thinking. Solid read, here from Craig Mod