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Today I graduated from PT which arrives several months from an ankle break that happened while overenthusiastically playing softball last May 22nd. I should have stayed at 2nd base and I shouldn’t have slid into 3rd. Ah well – I am grateful for the physical therapist that I had who helped me regain range-of-motion and most of the strength that this kind of injury costs. There is still work to be done, but for now, I do not need to return to see Michael.

I got the shirt as a graduation gift. 🙂

It was 25 degrees F. this morning on my run, which is cold for us. Chilly, but I ran in shorts and overall felt really strong. Here’s the dope:

This weekend my daughter turned 8 years old. It’s a mark not only of her birth but just how long we have lived in Eugene, Oregon. She has great friends and loves Pikachu, so a party was held that included both. 

IMG 4946

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This was created by a friend of mine who is a Landscape Architecture professor here in the College of Design. Basically he took the published data for the dates and times of the sunrise and sunset and created a chart. It shows the dates and times of the earliest SUNSET, after which the light lasts a little bit longer each evening. Also on the chart is the time of the latest SUNRISE, afterwhich the sunrise will begin rising a little bit earlier as the planet makes its way around the sun. Great graphic of this phenomenon, in my opinion. 🙂