Our friend Jessi comes in at about the 6:28 mark. Have a listen – good stuff!

Culture Queue 11-14-11

This week on Culture Queue, we put the “art” in The Arts Show that Rocks. We start the show off with a story by new reporter Georgia Lucas about young people’s appreciation of art at the Walker Art Center. Then, Jessica Lehman covers the Baby Marx puppet show and outlines how red-blooded Americans have recently grown fond of the bearded philosopher. To close out the first half of the show, Shelby Thomason and host Cristeta Boarini count down the top 7 local cafes that also function as art galleries.

In the second half, Eric Dolski participates in National Novel Writing Month, and Cristeta Boarini gets familiar with the Art-O-Mat: a vending machine for art.

via Radio K :: Culture Queue.


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