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I was talking with a colleague yesterday about applications that I use regularly and she suggested that I actually write down and share what it is that I like about some of them. So . . last night I had the chance to use one and did: Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro to record live audio. I’ve had this software for many many years and have seen it change over time as well. I can honestly say that it has only gotten better.

It allows for the recording in several different formats, has a sound-board like mixing set-up that allows you to change the sounds as you wish, too.

Perhaps it’s most unique feature is that it actually “hijacks” applications that have sound playing through them, rather than capturing the sound coming from the speakers, headphone jack or sound card. It’s pretty slick in this as it allows me to let it capture sound coming through a browser while using another application that might produce sounds of its own, but Audio Hijack only captures that sound from the application that you’ve told it to “hijack.” Good stuff all the way around.

After capturing the audio of a concert last night, I grabbed teh .mp3 file, uploaded it to my server and then sent the link out to those with whom I wanted to share. Good stuff. Really good stuff I think. Links:

Rogue Amoeba

Audio Hijack Pro


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