I ran in the Butte-To-Butte 10k run on the 4th of July. It was the 50th anniversary of the race here in Eugene and it was super fun. I also began and finished a new novel by one of my favorite writers, Joe Wilkins, called, The Entire Sky. Truly a story of the 90s, of Montana, of growing up and old and changing families. A very good read. Plus some labor to build a softball pitching area in the field behind my house for Nora & finally, revisiting building with legos!

At the end of the race with a few runners from the Big Timber Running Club

The Entire Sky. Beautiful, simply put.

My friend Tom and I went to a reading by Joe up in McMinnville, Oregon on the 6th. Joe read three sections from the novel and a bluegrass band played and we ate and had good conversations. I even met Joe’s mom, Olive, from Montana, which was special for me as my mom is also from Montana (different parts of that big state, to be sure, but Montana seems to bind folks, no matter where in the state they are from).

40 feet long and about 7 feet wide. I used a neighbors string trimmer, what I grew knowing as a “weed whip,” and then a lawnmower to knock down the grass clumps so Nora and teammates can practice their pitching. A pitching rubber and home plate have been acquired as well, so once the weather cools off a bit, it should get some use. We have been over 100º F. for several days now which is just too warm. Period.

Jonah and I broke out this project we had started a month and a half ago to work on – a Fender Stratocaster lego guitar. It was a gift from my sister and matches the electric guitar I had growing up. Jonah’s good at this stuff, and me? Well, it challenges my spatial skills a good bit.

Guitar and stand are finished. Next up is the amp!