This is an overdue update, but it includes some running and a hike to the top of Spencer Butte in South Eugene to watch for the arc of a rocket launch. Firefly Aerospace is launching the rocket from just north of Los Angeles. The images are from last night’s hike, along with some from a bit earlier.

I ran a couple of races in the Emerald City Trail Series this year and they often have photographers out on the course taking photos. The shirt is from the Big Timber Running Club that I belong to. Good race, good folks and I look forward to more next year!

Hiking up to the top of Spencer Butte last evening. Launch was scheduled for 9:00 pm. It was scrubbed and is rescheduled for tonight so we’re heading back up!

Jonah created this from a website that had the projected image of flight, which Jonah then overlayed onto a Google Map “Street View” from the top of the butte.

Setting up the gear.

When the sun set, it cooled off, and we waited. As mentioned above, the launch was scrubbed due to the pressure of helium tanks on the launch pad. Honestly, I don’t understand it all, but Jonah does and explained the whole thing on the way down. We’re heading back tonight!

This is Paul from the other running group I hang out with – the UO Noon Runners. Every 4th of July, Eugene hosts their 10k run called “The Butte To Butte,” where people run from Spencer Butte at the south end of town to Skinner’s Butte in the north end of town. Paul has run them all which started 50 years ago this year. He came by to pick up a bib for the run on Thursday and in the image above he is wearing the original shirt from the run. Paul is a wonderful fella, inspiring runner and friend.