A couple from the past couple of days. Sunny days punctuated with / by activity.

The green tunnel on Pre’s Trail (named after the iconic runner, Steve Prefontaine). This is on my usual route on my noon runs and this time of year provides welcome shade on warmer days.

I met one of, if not the, main writer for New Gen Track and Field recently while on a break on campus. Matt is a nice fella, a runner (he ran in the USATF Championships on Thursday evening in the 1500 meter prelims) and publishes this magazine. Friday night the group was hosting a party at the “Hoka House,” so I went, mainly to get a magazine as they were giving out this issue for free. I ended up unboxing and setting up some things, met the creative director of the magazine and hung out for a bit – it was fun and the magazine is good. I like their website, too. A bit retro and fun.