Red sky . . .

Posted on July 19, 2024

The other night, the temps dropped from the upper 80s to the 70s, and these clouds moved in from our South. It was just at sunset, and the light show was lovely. Not seen are tendrils of lightning. Not heard are rainless thunder claps.

Weekend events –

Posted on July 15, 2024

This past weekend was full of sports, a running pal running 80k for his 80th birthday, a quick trip to Portland for lunch with my sister and a visit to the Portland Filson store. All good summer events!

In my running group, The UO Noon Group, runners often do a “birthday run.” John, the runner in dark blue with the waist pack is a traditionalist in this way and this year, turning 80, decided to run 80 kilometers over 3 days. We all joined in for some or all of it with him to offer support and encouragement and liquids. I ran ten miles with him on Saturday and it was well worth it. John’s an inspiration all the way around.

On Saturday there was a fund-raiser softball game that was put on by the former University of Oregon quarterback, Justin Herbert and several of his teammates. It was to raise money for the Kidsports group in town that my kids have enjoyed over the years. They had a home-run derby and then a game which was super fun. Other players included gold medal winning decathlete, Ashton Eaton, a few current football players, two UO Women’s Softball players and others that I do not know. Herbert is now the quarterback for the Chargers (San Diego? LA? Where are they now?) . . . but it was a very fun afternoon.

On Sunday I went to Portland to have lunch with my sister Jeanne who is up there attending a Tin House writing workshop. She lives in Tucson, so it was a good chance to catch up over a meal as well as explore a bit of Portland.

We swung by the Portland Filson store while there and looked at some items. Filson makes quality winter clothing and even though it was summer hot on Sunday, it was nice to be there.

More Filson –

Final stop before heading home was to a coffees shop in Portland. This sign made me laugh.

Until next time – ! –

Butte to Butte, reading & lego

Posted on July 8, 2024

I ran in the Butte-To-Butte 10k run on the 4th of July. It was the 50th anniversary of the race here in Eugene and it was super fun. I also began and finished a new novel by one of my favorite writers, Joe Wilkins, called, The Entire Sky. Truly a story of the 90s, of Montana, of growing up and old and changing families. A very good read. Plus some labor to build a softball pitching area in the field behind my house for Nora & finally, revisiting building with legos!

At the end of the race with a few runners from the Big Timber Running Club

The Entire Sky. Beautiful, simply put.

My friend Tom and I went to a reading by Joe up in McMinnville, Oregon on the 6th. Joe read three sections from the novel and a bluegrass band played and we ate and had good conversations. I even met Joe’s mom, Olive, from Montana, which was special for me as my mom is also from Montana (different parts of that big state, to be sure, but Montana seems to bind folks, no matter where in the state they are from).

40 feet long and about 7 feet wide. I used a neighbors string trimmer, what I grew knowing as a “weed whip,” and then a lawnmower to knock down the grass clumps so Nora and teammates can practice their pitching. A pitching rubber and home plate have been acquired as well, so once the weather cools off a bit, it should get some use. We have been over 100º F. for several days now which is just too warm. Period.

Jonah and I broke out this project we had started a month and a half ago to work on – a Fender Stratocaster lego guitar. It was a gift from my sister and matches the electric guitar I had growing up. Jonah’s good at this stuff, and me? Well, it challenges my spatial skills a good bit.

Guitar and stand are finished. Next up is the amp!

Running & rockets

Posted on July 2, 2024

This is an overdue update, but it includes some running and a hike to the top of Spencer Butte in South Eugene to watch for the arc of a rocket launch. Firefly Aerospace is launching the rocket from just north of Los Angeles. The images are from last night’s hike, along with some from a bit earlier.

I ran a couple of races in the Emerald City Trail Series this year and they often have photographers out on the course taking photos. The shirt is from the Big Timber Running Club that I belong to. Good race, good folks and I look forward to more next year!

Hiking up to the top of Spencer Butte last evening. Launch was scheduled for 9:00 pm. It was scrubbed and is rescheduled for tonight so we’re heading back up!

Jonah created this from a website that had the projected image of flight, which Jonah then overlayed onto a Google Map “Street View” from the top of the butte.

Setting up the gear.

When the sun set, it cooled off, and we waited. As mentioned above, the launch was scrubbed due to the pressure of helium tanks on the launch pad. Honestly, I don’t understand it all, but Jonah does and explained the whole thing on the way down. We’re heading back tonight!

This is Paul from the other running group I hang out with – the UO Noon Runners. Every 4th of July, Eugene hosts their 10k run called “The Butte To Butte,” where people run from Spencer Butte at the south end of town to Skinner’s Butte in the north end of town. Paul has run them all which started 50 years ago this year. He came by to pick up a bib for the run on Thursday and in the image above he is wearing the original shirt from the run. Paul is a wonderful fella, inspiring runner and friend.

US Track and Field Olympic Trials

Posted on June 23, 2024

I’ve been volunteering at the US Track and Field Olympic Trials these past couple of days and will do so for two more shifts. I’m in the Media / Communications area, which so far just means passing out infield vests to photographers. Still, it is fun to be there. Some of the photos I’ve taken are below.

The high-jump landing area and the Eiffel Tower replica as this year’s games are in Paris.

We had seats on the first row of the third turn and enjoyed several running events throughout the evening.

Yes, they do seem to be floating at times . . . .

The view from the Media section of Hayward Field. The stadium is quite stunning with no bad seats to be had, I think. Track and Field is often a bit like a three ring circus when it is happening, too, but the way they have the large screens and the seats makes it all available at once.