Review Week

Posted on November 27, 2023

Week 10 in the College of Design is “Review Week,” when the design students demonstrate their skills to professors and professionals. One of my jobs is to run the print shop along with a fantastic group of student employees. Below are a couple of photos from events of the week, so far (the week has just begun, mind you). All in all it’s a busy time and a fun week and the posters printed are usually fun to see.

The old HP z6100 jammed up on us last night. It was ugly as can be seen above.

The HP z6100 printing as expected. 8 ink colors, 8 print heads, 24″ 20 lb. plotter bond paper. Good stuff.

Thanks 2023

Posted on November 25, 2023

A few snaps from the past few days – we had a nice time with a lot of down time, so Wii Switch playing, Taylor Swift Monopoly, reading and such. Cold and foggy and clear outside, which lends to some good running days.

Nora found the idea on Pinterest and spent a few hours making up the game board. It was fun! The main rule is that the when a property is being purchased, the song that the property is named after must be played. Good times were had. 🙂

Met these fellas on my run on Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully they were not too nervous . . .

A lot of chopping is required to make Emerald City Salad, but it is a favorite of ours on Thanksgiving (recipe at the link). It’s a good one that lasts for days . . . .

Nora made the pie. Apple. Yum.

Nintendo Switch (I called it a Wii Switch above – see, what do I know about these systems? Clearly not a lot!). This was started several years ago when I checked out a game system from the University of Oregon’s Science Library for the holiday weekend. Their pickings are slim these days, so a workmate of mine loaned it to us. We all enjoyed Mario Kart several times over . . . .

EOM (End of Month)

Posted on October 29, 2023

October flew by it seems. I updated my Now page with bullets of some relevant items. A lot happens and is happening: teens, friends, runs, family. All with worry and concern, grief, love, attention, poetry, and prose. I hold it all in my heart these days. Some recent photos below:

It was 25 degrees F when we all met up for our run this morning. I’ve missed this group, the Noon Group as we are called. Some of them have been with this group for 50 years, some 30. Me? 6. I’m just a kid. Our weekly Saturday run takes us over the Autzen Footbridge, which connects the UO main campus to the football, soccer, and baseball stadium areas. The river’s warmer-than-air-water was transitioning from a solid to a gas and it was quite lovely to see.

John and me with the sun & mist rising.

Me in the cold. Running keeps you warm though and that helps.

Fall lantern.

Fall Campus and iOS feature

Posted on October 18, 2023

Fall evening on the UO campus are lovely when the weather does what it did today. Nora takes a math class in the evenings, one day a week and today was that day. Walking around on the quad I snapped these shots looking each direction from the center.

On a different note, I have discovered my favorite feature of iOS: the auto changing lock screen with categories showing you photos from a different time. Nora shows up regularly when I go to unlock my phone as well as nature photos. It’s a neat feature that brings me a smile everytime.