This weekend I picked up a nice piece of Chinook Salmon from Newman’s Fish Company here in Eugene. It’s a solid place to get the best seafood in town (in my humble opinion). It’s been a go to for us since we moved here in 2009. Apparently this fish shop got its start in 1890! The full history is an interesting read, I think . . . 

This weekend I used a recipe that I’ve adapted over the years and is not uncommon at all. The salmon is placed in a dish on a little olive oil, with onion rings and lemon slices placed on top. I prefer sweet onions but any onion will work. Then I put on the sauce, which is a variation of a sauce I remembered from my time as a cook when I worked my way up from dishwasher to prep-cook to line-cook at a place called Mad Anthony’s in Bellevue, Washington. Mad Anthony’s eventually became Anthony’s Seafood Grill, which is where this comes from and is part of the Anthony’s chain of restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.

We used to take a one gallon bottle of wine and pour half of it into another empty one gallon bottle. Then we’d pour in one quart of lemon juice and then fill the bottle with water. So the ration is 2 parts white wine, to 1 part lemon juice and 1 part water. Then we’d pour this over the fish and bake it in the oven at about 350 degrees. Simple and tasty.

Basically this is what is done in the image below. It cooks for about 20 minutes and is oh-so-tasty . . . .


So our water heater has been showing signs of failure lately: changing water temperatures, water not getting as warm as it used to, etc. I did some digging and found that (at least this brand) the serial number can be decoded to determine the age of the water heater. Who knew? Not me, anyways. The decoder was found on the website, complete with an example (which is always helpful for decoders):

Screen Shot 2021 02 07 at 9 25 19 AM


Here is the label that is on our heater, which puts ours as being manufactured in October of 2006 (which is kinda old, apparently – again, who knew? Not me!): 

IMG 4927

awakened early – 2:00 am-ish to the sound of rain and wind tapping the window & pushing on the walls. Went to the front porch area and stepped to this:

we live on bashaw clay soil here – expansive clay – which has a whole host of issues for a cement slab house such as ours. the big oak tree out front still stands, even as the ground becomes saturated by these rains and the water runs off towards amazon creek. when it rains and blows I wonder if it’ll come down but so far, nope. and whew.