Started in on this one recently. Big thinker, really, and not something I’ve read much before.

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I ran today – a good long run – I was out for 16 miles. I’ve been doing the RunHub store’s training program for the Eugene Marathon / Half Marathon (I’m in the Half group). Today was our longest run before race day, the 25th of April. It was a beautiful morning to be out, the town FULL of runners, including many college running teams in town for the first Track & Field meet at the new Hayward Field. When they pass me, it feels like I am walking. They are good. I stopped and snapped this shot near my turnaround point near Dorris Ranch park. Lovely trail & lovely spot. I finished my run at the Provisions coffee shop near home, so I could grab a drink and a scone and walk the rest. Solid recovery.

Willamette River

Yesterday when getting my Covid-19 vaccine at Walmart I was told to write down “Waste Management” as my qualifying profession for getting the vaccine (I attended an “Overflow Clinic” where they allow anyone to get it at the end of the day so as not to waste any of the doses). I don’t lie about my profession, but in this case I was asked to. When I told the pharmacist that I felt like Tony Soprano she laughed and said, “I remember that show! It was good!” 

Onwards we go! 

IMG 5343

This weekend I picked up a nice piece of Chinook Salmon from Newman’s Fish Company here in Eugene. It’s a solid place to get the best seafood in town (in my humble opinion). It’s been a go to for us since we moved here in 2009. Apparently this fish shop got its start in 1890! The full history is an interesting read, I think . . . 

This weekend I used a recipe that I’ve adapted over the years and is not uncommon at all. The salmon is placed in a dish on a little olive oil, with onion rings and lemon slices placed on top. I prefer sweet onions but any onion will work. Then I put on the sauce, which is a variation of a sauce I remembered from my time as a cook when I worked my way up from dishwasher to prep-cook to line-cook at a place called Mad Anthony’s in Bellevue, Washington. Mad Anthony’s eventually became Anthony’s Seafood Grill, which is where this comes from and is part of the Anthony’s chain of restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.

We used to take a one gallon bottle of wine and pour half of it into another empty one gallon bottle. Then we’d pour in one quart of lemon juice and then fill the bottle with water. So the ration is 2 parts white wine, to 1 part lemon juice and 1 part water. Then we’d pour this over the fish and bake it in the oven at about 350 degrees. Simple and tasty.

Basically this is what is done in the image below. It cooks for about 20 minutes and is oh-so-tasty . . . .