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Below are some images from the Jefferson Wilderness Area, formerly just Jefferson National Forest. My daughter and I hiked here this past weekend to see where my father worked as a fire lookout back in the summer of 1947. He is in the top left photo and his cabin and the lake are also there, too. The cabin and the lookout that was at the top of Grizzly Peak are no longer there, but the area looks very much the same as when he was there 76 years ago.

Yes, it has been wet around these parts. Stats include:

  • 10.39 inches this month which is 5.58 inches ABOVE normal.
  • 15.62 inches since October 1 (the meteorological rain year start) which is .16 inches ABOVE normal.

For this and more, I am grateful.

The bike rides in have been wet, but mostly quite enjoyable. I had one ride home with a slashing wind from the south that was strong enough to slap my cheeks with the stings of rain. It made me howl at times. Of course, going home is nice, because it’s, well, home: dry socks, pants, warmth and family. Yep, good times out west, that’s for sure . . . .


This homeless gentleman came into the student union where I was working the other day and asked to play the piano. The folks there graciously let him play and I got the sense that this has happened before with this man. I took a photo of him and then recorded his playing for about 8 minutes. He’s quite good and it was nice to see that he found a place to play for a bit. 2014-08-20 08.46.16