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Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason- Tim Lawrence – Shrinkrap – Psychology Blog:

Grief is brutally painful. Grief does not only occur when someone dies. When relationships fall apart, you grieve. When opportunities are shattered, you grieve. When dreams die, you grieve. When illnesses wreck you, you grieve.

So I’m going to repeat a few words I’ve uttered countless times; words so powerful and honest they tear at the hubris of every jackass who participates in the debasing of the grieving:

Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.

This post – a bit older (2015) – really struck a note with me. Just thought I’d post it here, for all reasons and no reasons. Read the whole thing – it’s brilliant. 

Found in my yard this morning…

This winged creature stopped by our backyard last evening… pretty sure it is a falcon…

A day late, but this ash from Mt. St. Helens was a gift from my grandmother 40 years ago when an eruption’s ash settled in Portland. This was from the June 12, 1980 eruption…

First Scrabble game of the season…!