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He’s a local legend in these parts. Info on him can be found on Wikipedia and other places.

Out on
this morning’s run, the first with my running group in just over a year,
I went out on the trail named after him. On a post was a little figure,
an “overseer” of sorts. The run was slow as I’m still recovering from
last week’s 16 miler. I did get to run with Paul though – the elder
statesman of our group at age 83 (!). He’s a wonderful guy and several
of us ran with him for a few miles. This group has been and is a gift in
my life, for sure. Looking forward to more runs with them as the vaccine
takes hold . . . .

IMG 5395

IMG 5394

Hayward Field – for when sporting events can happen again . . . 


IMG 2366

Well, this year has been quite a year for me in terms of my running. I started 2018 coming off of rehabbing a broken ankle, setting a goal of running 1000 miles and competing in a few races. In many ways I far exceeded my modest goals and in other ways I didn’t. All in all it was a positive year for me. The breakdown:

  • 901 miles run. My goal was 1000 miles, but a broken elbow late this year slowed me down a bit. 
  • Completed my 12th Half Marathon
  • Ran an under 2 hour half marathon
  • Ran my first 30k Trail Run
  • Ran an 18 Mile Trail Run
  • Found a running group (or rather they found me?). Either way this has been the singular most positive aspect of this year in terms of running. The folks in this group are people I now call friends as we have connected on much more than our mile splits and tight hamstrings.

Goals for 2019 so far include:

  • Run 1000 miles
  • Run a 50k Trail Run
  • Possibly (finally) run a marathon
  • Begin more cross-training activities (Yoga and modest weight training)
  • Volunteer to officiate at local & state track and field events (I’m currently on the Oregon Track Club’s discus crew)
  • Learn more about what makes me be a successful distance runner honing my nutrition and hydration needs along with other aspects.

Books on running that I read this past year:

Onwards into 2019!