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Look in the mirror.

Love that person.

Love others.

Stout heart.

Eyes up.

Rage on.




All packed and ready to go –

Today Nora and I head out to the Jefferson Wilderness Area for two nights. This is her first backpacking trip and something I’ve been looking forward to since last May. Good times . . . . !

I went back to see my PT yesterday for a check-up on my ankle (which I broke last May). The ankle is doing well overall and he did a “gait analysis” on my running form while I was there. I’ve got some work to do on my form which will help with my pace as well as how I feel during and after my runs. I know that body work people have known this for a long time, but I feel as if this is a whole new discovery for me as I learn about how my body moves in space. There are default movements that I’ve done for years that are not optimal and will take work to change, but I’m certainly up for it.

Onwards - 

This snap was taken by one of my student employees on his recent climb of Oregon’s tallest peak, Mt. Hood, at 11,250 ft (3,429 Metres). Lovely view of a sunset shadow.