Mid-June finds me completing another academic year, running in a trail series on Thursday nights, and planning some summer fun. Plus, Jonah is on the front page of the local news.

Running the Output Room, where we print posters, is always an adventure. This year we had one printer break, and the newer ones had to step it up to keep things running, as did the student employees. All in all, it was a good week.

A group from Portland, the Northwest Dirt Churners, makes the two-hour drive south to put on trail races at Mt. Pisgah each Thursday in June. I signed up for the series and have enjoyed every race so far. They range in distance from three miles to eight miles and have a variety of elevation gains, with the largest coming next Thursday at 2000 feet over the 8 miles route. The weather has been great. I am part of the Big Timber Running Club here in town, and we always get a good turnout for this which is fun. Lightning socks make you go faster, too. I think. 🙂

I have been reading this book lately, the autobiography of Gifford Pinchot. He was the first director of the US Forest Service, which was created under Teddy Roosevelt. I learned that in 1889 he spoke at Yale’s graduation. He followed Mark Twain. Yeah . . . . and later this summer, I am planning a trip to his home known as Grey Towers in Milford, Pennsylvania. It will be a fun place to check out after reading this book. He was the governor of Pennsylvania for two non-consecutive terms in the early 1900s as well.

Jonah’s Computer Technology Education program was recently given an actual flight simulator from the local community college. This article in the Register-Guard popped up today, and he was on the front page (he is the Jonah in the middle). They are putting the thing back together which is a project unto itself, that’s for sure.