For a variety of reasons I occasionally search for my late father on Google and this time I decided to search for him and the place he worked in the forest service during the summers of 1947 and 1948. Thanks to Google Books, the image of this issue of Boy’s Life showed up. He is mentioned in the article on working with scouts doing trail restoration during the summer of 1948. He was 19 years old. I pretty much know the location of this trail work as well, though I plan to visit it proper this summer. I found a copy of the original on eBay for about fifteen bucks.

Aside: The ads in the magazine are quite fascinating to look at and read. Perhaps I’ll post some at some point. In the meantime:

The cover of the issue.
The first page of the article. My father is mentioned in a later part. The fonts and layout are all interesting to me, too. My father is not in any of these pictures, by the way. Tough work out there, for sure, but it is a lovely place to visit.