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The Great Discontent: Maria Popova:

“My philosophy and the one thing I’ve been strategic and deliberate about from the beginning is reader first—I don’t want anything to tell people how to engage with what they want to engage with. I don’t believe in slideshows, pagination, truncated RSS feeds, paywalls, and all these things that basically punish your most loyal readers. I’m just one person; I can’t optimize everything to be perfect, but I’ve tried to make things as seamless and easy and digestible as possible. At the end of the day, Brain Pickings is about the ideas and content and not at all about the bells and whistles surrounding it.”

Frank Chimero – Information: “The world is malleable, and we are given the hands to mold it. This is terribly exciting. We can all contribute, because I think the path of making and designing is open to anyone; all that is needed is an idea of how things can be better, and a willingness to get one’s hands dirty. It’s a wonderful time to be a person who makes things.”