Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Tom, – runner, writer, and all-around handy fella. I was mostly a “gopher” for him as he continued rehabbing his family’s home in the Coast Range of Oregon, south, and west of Eugene. It was beautiful to be there, tucked away and off-grid. We did a few projects: cleaned the wood stove chimney, replaced a woodstove, installed a toilet, and hauled a couple of logs that had been left by the roadside. Fun was had by both of us. Mostly it was great to spend time with Tom, in his element, and at a place that I have come to understand from him as one of his sacred places. Here are a few photos from the day:

Tom preparing the trailer for the logs that more or less broke our backs.
Here’s the place from a bit away in the yard.
Tom on the roof preparing to clean the chimney. My job? Belay him with the rope and stop him if he falls. He didn’t fall, which was all the better.
New woodstove installed and running. It was nice to heat the place up a bit.
Inside of the place. Side light was nice coming in from the kitchen.
End of the day. After the work was done we sat on the porch and had a little bourbon. Nice ending to a lovely day.