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A day at the Smith River cabin

Posted on January 7, 2023

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Tom, – runner, writer, and all-around handy fella. I was mostly a “gopher” for him as he continued rehabbing his family’s home in the Coast Range of Oregon, south, and west of Eugene. It was beautiful to be there, tucked away and off-grid. We did a few projects: cleaned the wood stove chimney, replaced a woodstove, installed a toilet, and hauled a couple of logs that had been left by the roadside. Fun was had by both of us. Mostly it was great to spend time with Tom, in his element, and at a place that I have come to understand from him as one of his sacred places. Here are a few photos from the…

Cold running

Posted on December 18, 2022

This is a photo of me running (on the left) along with Jim while running with my running group, the “UO Noon Runners.” I am also in another running group, the Big Timber Running Club, which is where I met Jim. We’d been talking about running together so I invited him out to join us this past Saturday where it was 23 degrees Fahrenheit when I left my house to meet up with everyone. Hence the big gloves and balaclava around my head and face. It was a beautiful morning for a run and once we got started we warmed up well. I always run in compression socks and shorts. A uniform of sorts that just works. My Strava link on my site shows…

Holiday, counseling, & translation

Posted on December 8, 2022

A few photos from the past few days: tree is acquired and up. We always wait until after Nora’s birthday, so on Sunday the 4th we headed out to a local tree farm and found this one. It’s big and “poofy,” as the word in the house would say. On campus the other day on a Facilities small truck I saw a sign with emojis – it was a small shout out to the UO Counseling Center. Well done! Zoomed: Today I met up with pal Alisa, a professor of Japanese Studies. She is just about to head there next week, as a matter of fact. We looked at the menus on the Lumix GM-1 (well, she looked and gave some rough interpretation). Alisa’s…

Seattle Thanks 2022 part 2

Posted on November 30, 2022

Our visit included a visit to my see my stepmom who turned 85 on Friday! Music was happening at her retirement community so we went to listen. (That’s Why There’s No) Thanksgiving Song Can’t sing along, cuz there’s no Thanksgiving song Pieces of April, now scattered round the table How many more, that’s what this day is for Take the tin foil from the tray, set silverware and plates Paper napkins from the drawer Too gold to stay too long… that’s why there’s Cheap beer and football, sweet wine and pratfalls Careful when you go to plate the cranberries should keep the shape Of the can, our silly yearly plan Makes us laugh until we shake, what little sense it makes To save the…