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Seattle Thanks 2022 part 2

Posted on November 30, 2022

Our visit included a visit to my see my stepmom who turned 85 on Friday! Music was happening at her retirement community so we went to listen. (That’s Why There’s No) Thanksgiving Song Can’t sing along, cuz there’s no Thanksgiving song Pieces of April, now scattered round the table How many more, that’s what this day is for Take the tin foil from the tray, set silverware and plates Paper napkins from the drawer Too gold to stay too long… that’s why there’s Cheap beer and football, sweet wine and pratfalls Careful when you go to plate the cranberries should keep the shape Of the can, our silly yearly plan Makes us laugh until we shake, what little sense it makes To save the…


Posted on April 10, 2021

He’s a local legend in these parts. Info on him can be found on Wikipedia and other places. Out on this morning’s run, the first with my running group in just over a year, I went out on the trail named after him. On a post was a little figure, an “overseer” of sorts. The run was slow as I’m still recovering from last week’s 16 miler. I did get to run with Paul though – the elder statesman of our group at age 83 (!). He’s a wonderful guy and several of us ran with him for a few miles. This group has been and is a gift in my life, for sure. Looking forward to more runs with them as the vaccine…