The weekend: UO Women’s Softball with Nora, new season of sports (Spring soccer), robotics continues, and running with pals!

Two complimentary tickets were offered to UO Staff for the game on Friday evening. It was my first time in the relatively new ballpark, and it was quite nice.

New season of soccer for Nora. New players, a new coach and new dynamics, but always fun for her. Growing up, indeed!

This is a screenshot from the South Eugene Robotics Team’s (SERT) Instagram from their competition that was held in Cheney, Washington, over the weekend. They did really well and now are on their way to the World Championships competition in Houston, Texas in two weeks (!). Jonah seems to have found his niche, as he loves this activity and people. I’m super excited for them as they prepare for this next part of the season, where 600 teams will compete! Yeah, it’s a deal.

I am in two running groups now, and this is a subset of the second one that meets early on Tuesday mornings. We decided to run a loop of Mt. Pisgah and then a summit in the lovely northwest rain. It was moderately warm (50º F.) for a change, too, which made the running that much better. Pictured are Kristy and Kim. Not pictured are their dogs, Oswald and Koda. All creatures are pretty awesome, though. 🙂