Paul, from one of my running groups, the “UO Noon Runners” turned 86 today. This group has a tradition of doing a “birthday run” of some type, whether it be a mile, your age in miles or kilometers, or something of the sort. We all met up to run with Paul for his birthday mile before heading over to a place for coffee and treats. It was a wet, cold and rainy run, but a good crowd showed up for it. Paul is inspiring as are this small community of runners. I am grateful that circumstances caused me to bump into them and that I stuck around (it’s been 6 years I think). When I’m 86, I hope to be able to do a birthday mile, too.

Paul leads the group, pushing a stroller. He joked that he set a world record for his age group on the Amazon Mile bark trail at 17:59. Good stuff, indeed.