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Train to Minneapolis – 3

Posted on May 31, 2024

The final installment of train travel (at least I think so?). We’ll see, as I have many photos to choose from. Below are some photos from the flatlands of Montana and on into Minnesota. I realized that I did not take any photos of my time in North Dakota! We drifted off to sleep about Minot, ND, waking up near Minneapolis/St. Paul. In my haste to find my brother-in-law I did not get a photo of the beautiful old train station in St. Paul, but perhaps one day will do so. Glacier National Park. Upon waking after the first night on the train, this was one of many views. It was stunning. We enjoyed views of the park as we ate breakfast in the…

Train to Minneapolis – 2

Posted on May 30, 2024

This part of our trip found us waking up near Glacier National Park, Montana. We went through the Flathead Tunnel, which is the second longest train tunnel in the lower 48 at 7 miles. We saw beautiful clouds skirting the tops of peaks in Glacier National Park before we moved on the flat Big Sky country of eastern Montana. I should have posted this earlier, but it is a map that shows Amtrak trains and when they are in daylight and when it is nighttime. It’s a good visual of when you can see things, although being up at night and seeing the lights outside is nice as well. Daylight is red, night time is blue. This is just before dark as we headed…

Train to Minneapolis – 1

Posted on May 29, 2024

This will be a multi-post share of photos taken on the train trip that Nora and I took to Minneapolis to attend our friend Tamara’s son, Sam’s wedding. In addition, we stayed with Dave, my brother-in-law and his lovely pup, Edith (Edie). I kind of fell in love with Minneapolis for a variety of reasons including the fact that the weather was perfect, the people were super friendly and the city seemed so accessible. Plus I got a lovely tour from my friend, Patrick who has lived there is whole life. He has a take on the area that is deep and his kindness is as well. It’s the first time we met to bend elbows, as they say, over a beer and pizza.…