This will be a multi-post share of photos taken on the train trip that Nora and I took to Minneapolis to attend our friend Tamara’s son, Sam’s wedding. In addition, we stayed with Dave, my brother-in-law and his lovely pup, Edith (Edie). I kind of fell in love with Minneapolis for a variety of reasons including the fact that the weather was perfect, the people were super friendly and the city seemed so accessible. Plus I got a lovely tour from my friend, Patrick who has lived there is whole life. He has a take on the area that is deep and his kindness is as well. It’s the first time we met to bend elbows, as they say, over a beer and pizza. This is post 1 of a few coming up. Cheers . . .

On the train from Eugene to Portland to get this trip started!

An inside look at our “sleeper,” in which one bed was the couch and the other is diagonal piece above that folds down. Sleep was difficult as it was a bumpy ride however the whole experience was lovely. This is something I think everyone should try to do sometime.

The route from Portland was on the Amtrak Empire Builder which goes along the north side of the Columbia River Gorge. It is a beautiful way to spend the evening.

The gorge.

Windmills in Oregon as the Columbia River is the state border.

One of the many dams along the Columbia.

Moonrise over the river, from the “lounge” car of the Empire Builder. More posts to follow . . . .