This is the final installment of our trip from two weeks ago. It has less train and more friends, wedding and Minneapolis. I have to say that the city / cities felt very manageable – quite walkable and driveable. Our lyft drivers were super friendly and having Patrick as a guide for a few hours was fantastic. Photos and comments below . . . .

Minnehaha Falls, near where my brother-in-law David lives. Beautiful, cool, green space.

Heading to the wedding!

Brother David and dog Edith (Edie) Solidly good pup – kind, gentle and funny. They take care of each other.

An uncle and a neice, posing. The weather was a nice mid-70s temperature – just right to lure one into contemplating living there. 🙂

We spent some time at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden which was just super.

One more from the sculpture garden.

It was not intended that we’d wear similar clothes, but what can we say? Patrick and I met up and went to Lake Monster Brewing Company for pizza and beer and conversation. We could have spent much more time talking the day away. It was the first time we’d met face-to-face and won’t be the last. Patrick also gave me a tour of his areas of town (he’s from there) and helped me understand some of the local history that I would never have known otherwise. I appreciated meeting him and spending time together – thank you, Patrick.

One final goodbye to Edie before flying home.

On our way home we flew through Seattle with Mt. Rainier hanging out above the clouds to welcome us.