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Review Week

Posted on November 27, 2023

Week 10 in the College of Design is “Review Week,” when the design students demonstrate their skills to professors and professionals. One of my jobs is to run the print shop along with a fantastic group of student employees. Below are a couple of photos from events of the week, so far (the week has just begun, mind you). All in all it’s a busy time and a fun week and the posters printed are usually fun to see. The old HP z6100 jammed up on us last night. It was ugly as can be seen above. The HP z6100 printing as expected. 8 ink colors, 8 print heads, 24″ 20 lb. plotter bond paper. Good stuff.

Permits and Poets

Posted on April 4, 2023

Today: logged into recreation.gov to get the permit for our annual backpacking trip this summer. They became available this morning at 7:00 am where they release 60% of them now and then start releasing the remainders on a 7 day rolling average. Permits are good, I think. It puts some friction into the process of getting into the backcountry and limits overuse. Tonight I participated / listened to a Substack Zoom call by poet and writer, Sherman Alexie. I have always enjoyed his work and it was a treat to be in a room with a few of his friends and fans to listen to him read and talk about his work. We are heading in during the heat of the summer, but hopefully…

Yellowstone: 151 Years Old

Posted on March 1, 2023

Today marks the 151st anniversary of Yellowstone National Park becoming a national park. It was the first & is one of the most spectacular places (in my opinion). My opinion is, of course, very biased as I spent four summers in the early 80s during my college years working there (quick math tells me it was 39 years ago now . . !). Living in a place is significant and especially when it is one of the first places you live after leaving home. So today I had on my one of my monitors the livestream from the Old Faithful area webcam, as seen in the image below. I’ve also been reading and we’ve had some snow that has been beautiful to watch as…

The Nutcracker – with a perspective –

Posted on December 23, 2022

Nora has a very good friend whose father is the musical director (I’m not sure that is the precise title) who allowed us to sit in the orchestra pit for the Eugene Ballet Company production of The Nutcracker. I’ve never seen a show from this angle and it was absolutely fantastic. Ear plugs were necessary, and watching the coordination of the musicians and the stage people as done by the conductor was incredible. Some photos below:

Ditch Market Saturday

Posted on December 5, 2022

Went to the “Ditch Market” on Saturday where many local artists were sharing their creations. I picked up a Handy Bag and some other items as well. Tom and Leslie used to run a company called Archival Clothing which made bags, totes and backpacks. Their stuff is / was super – made in the USA, canvas and waxed canvas materials. The bags I have of theirs are in constant use. Tom and Leslie now run a smaller operation called Handy Bags and, again, the quality is exceptional and I am grateful to use their totes. More images from the market day on Leslie’s Instagram. Hannah has an office one floor above mine in the College of Design and this is her work. It’s cloth…