Today marks the 151st anniversary of Yellowstone National Park becoming a national park. It was the first & is one of the most spectacular places (in my opinion). My opinion is, of course, very biased as I spent four summers in the early 80s during my college years working there (quick math tells me it was 39 years ago now . . !). Living in a place is significant and especially when it is one of the first places you live after leaving home.

So today I had on my one of my monitors the livestream from the Old Faithful area webcam, as seen in the image below.

I’ve also been reading and we’ve had some snow that has been beautiful to watch as the big flakes fall.

Images below.

Sloppy flakes
This is a sweet book – a memoire and one that pulls me to want to get to Alaska someday. It is one of five states that I have yet to visit to collect the whole set. Music, wild lands, personal friendships and, well, a life. Lived.