I’m preparing to run another 50-kilometer trail race near Bend, Oregon, in mid-October. With this coming up, I have been slowly working on increasing my running mileage and the variety of terrain I run on. So . . . today, I left the house in the dark and ran the 4.6 miles up to the top of Spencer Butte, then came down and ran on the Ridgeline Trail to the end and finally down the roads back home. It was a beautiful morning to be out. Images are from today, except for the cinnamon roll I purchased at the Great Harvest Bread Company in town yesterday. It was shared and was delicious.

From the top of Spencer Butte, looking east. Some fog, some wildfire smoke, and the sun peeking through.

This is the sign in the parking lot where the Ridgeline Trail begins to go up to the top. I came from the other way after being to the top, but I have always liked the Vonnegut quote on this sign. The logo for Eugene shows the butte, as well, which I’ve always liked, too.

I had not seen these signs before today. It looks like there is a move to expand the trail which would be great, I think.

This was my route, as shown on the app I use to track my movements, Strava. You can see the route in the map section.

As mentioned earlier, this was shared and eaten with a couple of eggs. A nice treat upon returning home. 🙂