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I ran today – a good long run – I was out for 16 miles. I’ve been doing the RunHub store’s training program for the Eugene Marathon / Half Marathon (I’m in the Half group). Today was our longest run before race day, the 25th of April. It was a beautiful morning to be out, the town FULL of runners, including many college running teams in town for the first Track & Field meet at the new Hayward Field. When they pass me, it feels like I am walking. They are good. I stopped and snapped this shot near my turnaround point near Dorris Ranch park. Lovely trail & lovely spot. I finished my run at the Provisions coffee shop near home, so I could grab a drink and a scone and walk the rest. Solid recovery.

Willamette River

These are my half-marathon times. I signed up to run the Eugene Half-Marathon this spring (again) as well. There are some big gaps in this chronology, but that’s OK. A lot happened and even if I didn’t run half-marathons I never stopped running. 


IMG 4765

The view from the top of Mt. Pisgah as I headed down towards the east entrance. The cloud deck was low, the green was spectacular and people were few this morning. All in all a good day for a run.

IMG 2349