The following are photos from the trip that Nora and I take each year, (which we did this past weekend) to Pamelia Lake and Grizzly Peak in the Jefferson Wilderness Area. We lucked out in terms of smoke as it wasn’t present until we left on Sunday morning.

A backpacker is ready to go!

Down the trail towards the lake.

Our tent by Hyperlight Mountain Gear. It is light, too, weighing in at 29 ounces.

We learned a few years back that hanging food was necessary. It was essential to keep the chipmunks from enjoying the grub. 🙂

A good coffee setup is essential for me when in the backcountry. Each morning, I’d make a fresh pour-over and take it to the lake.

There was a small amount of wildfire smoke that drifted across the sky in the morning on Saturday.

From the top of Grizzly Peak with Mt. Jefferson in the background, shrouded in smoke near the summit. There were no grizzlies, only angry yellow jackets that stung us both for hanging out in their territory. We did not stay long.

Back at Pamelia Lake in the evening. The reflection of Mt. Jefferson caught my eye as the sun went down.

There was an orange glow from the sun and smoke the day we hiked out. It was a great weekend again, and we will return next year.