My stepmom met a lovely fella in her retirement community and they wed this past weekend in Seattle. We drove up early Saturday to enjoy the day, then spent most of Sunday with Sara’s family on Bainbridge Island. A ferry ride is always good for the soul, I think, and this was no exception. We drove back during The Game on Sunday, which, I want to believe, contributed to fewer vehicles on the interstate. A few photos below:

Chuck Barnes and Benita, just following their ceremony.
Nora and Jonah with their “Gran.” It was their first wedding and first time in a church (I think!). Everyone grows up, too.
On the boat leaving Seattle going west to Bainbridge. The sun is setting and shining gold on the buildings. Ferry rides have been a staple in my life it seems and this one was super.
Heading west towards Bainbridge Island.
This is from this morning’s bike ride into work. I came up behind this cyclist and noticed the companion in the rear basket. I got close enough to take this shot and enjoy the expression on the dog’s face.