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The Worn Wear Wagon makes a stop at the U of O

Posted on April 18, 2017

The Worn Wear truck arrived at the University of Oregon today and it was fun to be there and watch them look over the used gear that people brought, providing repair services and offering suggestions. The brand was irrelevant and you could have one item repaired for free – a great deal. They are here for a sustainability conference being put on by the business college and from what I could tell their work today will be a hit. I had a new velcro set up installed on the sleeve of my rain jacket that I keep in my office. h/t to Patagonia for doing this. You can follow the Worn Wear Wagon as it makes its way around the country. If they stop…

Light tour 2015

Posted on December 21, 2015

We took the kids out to see the lights in town tonight, hitting the usual spots. The image is of a house that has their lights synchronized to music that is being broadcast on a lower-band FM station (90.1 in this case). It’s a pretty neat set-up and makes me want to try something similar sometime . . . kind of.

Yesterday afternoon we took the kids to the play A Christmas Carol that was put on by the Oregon Contemporary Theatre. It was a great production in a small, intimate setting. It brought me to tears at the end.


Let us never forget

Posted on December 15, 2014

More on the lines below and the lovely film in the post below at this site. Let us never forget the sprawling genius of a midnight dream and how silly it seems in the light of day Let us never forget the mundane and the beautiful Let us never forget why we write: to remember what happened what could have happened what didn’t happen We write to find out how it ends So let us keep writing And let us never forget how it feels to hold life in your hands