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Random snaps –

Posted on March 12, 2024

Some random photos from recent events – robotics competitions have begun, an old no cell phone poster and pandemic shadows of sorts . . . . The South Eugene Robotics Team did very well at the first competition last weekend. The hours have been put in and the enthusiasm is high . . . As seen on a wall at the Oregon State Fairgrounds . . . New favorite snacking crackers/cookies! I do not remember where I saw this, but what a long four years it has been . . . .

Seattle/Bellevue Travel & Robots

Posted on March 27, 2023

This post has more photos than usual, all taken with the trusty orange GM-1. The bridge that crosses the Columbia River is one that I have been traversing since I was a kid and we would come from Seattle to visit my grandmother in Portland. When we were little we nicknamed this “Goofy Grandma’s Bridge,” after her. It still stands and still works, though there is talk of a different one taking its place one day. The town I grew up in, Bellevue, was transformed by the high-tech industry with Microsoft’s campus being just one town over. Now it is a reflective town that I do not recognize anymore, for the most part. Then Robots – Jonah’s South Eugene Robotics Team was in competition…