Went to the “Ditch Market” on Saturday where many local artists were sharing their creations. I picked up a Handy Bag and some other items as well. Tom and Leslie used to run a company called Archival Clothing which made bags, totes and backpacks. Their stuff is / was super – made in the USA, canvas and waxed canvas materials. The bags I have of theirs are in constant use. Tom and Leslie now run a smaller operation called Handy Bags and, again, the quality is exceptional and I am grateful to use their totes. More images from the market day on Leslie’s Instagram.

Hannah has an office one floor above mine in the College of Design and this is her work. It’s cloth that is dyed and patterned with the use of the sun (cyanotype). More on Hannah’s work can be found on her website and on her Instagram.

This is Mika from Eugene Printmakers. She also works in the College of Design and teaches students how to do a variety of printing. Her work is outstanding and conversations with Mika, even in a grocery store, are always worth a mid-aisle stop.