A few photos from the past few days: tree is acquired and up. We always wait until after Nora’s birthday, so on Sunday the 4th we headed out to a local tree farm and found this one. It’s big and “poofy,” as the word in the house would say.

On campus the other day on a Facilities small truck I saw a sign with emojis – it was a small shout out to the UO Counseling Center. Well done!


Today I met up with pal Alisa, a professor of Japanese Studies. She is just about to head there next week, as a matter of fact. We looked at the menus on the Lumix GM-1 (well, she looked and gave some rough interpretation). Alisa’s main comment was that the language was “very technical” and “very oriented to a photographer.” It was good to catch up and look forward and back a bit on our time at this place, as well. Here she is with an expression and hands in action, which apparently is common in Japan.

All in all a nice time to catch up a bit.