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End of 2023 #4

Posted on January 7, 2024

Final end-of-the-year post: saw my brother, Jonah in the arms of the troll, watched the Eras Tour movie, and the Seattle City skyline as we prepared to dock. Larry & Jasper Caught by a troll? Looks like it. 🙂 An era. 🙂 This did not exist when I grew up here (the wheel), but it is kinda neat looking. I’ve yet to go in as well. The waterfront part of Seattle is a nice place to spend some time. 2023. Time for 2024 . . . .

End of 2023 #3

Posted on January 6, 2024

Our trip was a nice get away and I realize each time I go to Bainbridge Island just how much I love being there, which I have mentioned before. One of the new art installations around these islands are wooden huge trolls. Sara is posing in the arms of one on Bainbridge for perspective. We went there following our surprising win at trivia at the local cider house. I’m dropping a few other photos here and will slowly work my way through the ones that I took on this trip. Sara in the troll. I met up with an old friend from my days at Dusty Strings Company, where Doug was a woodworker and I was a dulcimer set-up, stringer and tuner/test player. This…

End of 2023 #2

Posted on January 5, 2024

More of the final few days of 2023 . . . . I noticed that just traveling further north only 5 hours shows in the amount of daylight that lights up the day. In the Seattle area the sun would set a good twenty minutes earlier than in Eugene. Fortunately, we have passed the marks in which the daylight hours are shrinking. On the 3rd of January we had our latest sunrise. On December 9th we had our earliest sunset. Now the sun is setting later and will begin rising earlier. This is all good for my vitamin D catcher and spirit. 14,410 feet high, Mt. Rainier stands above it all. It is always good to see it out. Rolling Bay is a small…

‘Tis the season

Posted on December 24, 2023

School is out. I am out. Vacation a bit and holiday a bit. I finished a wonderful book which is now a movie that shows in theaters tomorrow, December 24th. The Boys In The Boat is the true story of the 1936 University of Washington crew team that won the gold medal in the Olympic Games that were held in Berlin, Germany. I am looking forward to the movie, but the book was excellent. Also rock climbing and cinnamon roll making. ‘Tis the season.

Week End

Posted on December 10, 2023

The weekend: Fall Term ended Friday and this weekend we were all home which meant a lot of holiday activities commenced. It was fun, but more to the point I enjoyed that we were all together during the days this weekend. Photos of goings-on below: The front of the house with a few new lights this year. The glowing balls are from my father’s place from many years ago and they still work, which is lovely. The inside of the living room, ready to go for the tree. I like this image – there’s clutter, but also items that mean something. The desk, the stockings made by Sara, my father’s axe from his time in the forest service from the late 1940s and if…