Our trip was a nice get away and I realize each time I go to Bainbridge Island just how much I love being there, which I have mentioned before. One of the new art installations around these islands are wooden huge trolls. Sara is posing in the arms of one on Bainbridge for perspective. We went there following our surprising win at trivia at the local cider house. I’m dropping a few other photos here and will slowly work my way through the ones that I took on this trip.

Sara in the troll.

I met up with an old friend from my days at Dusty Strings Company, where Doug was a woodworker and I was a dulcimer set-up, stringer and tuner/test player. This was back in 1989. It was super great to see Doug and Beth and go on a hike together.

I have a beard and Doug has a mustache from this photo taken in the late 80s. 🙂

I also visited the gravesite of Chief Sealth, which, given his prominence the city of Seattle was named after him. I’d never visited this place before and was glad to be able to do so.

More soon!