More of the final few days of 2023 . . . . I noticed that just traveling further north only 5 hours shows in the amount of daylight that lights up the day. In the Seattle area the sun would set a good twenty minutes earlier than in Eugene. Fortunately, we have passed the marks in which the daylight hours are shrinking. On the 3rd of January we had our latest sunrise. On December 9th we had our earliest sunset. Now the sun is setting later and will begin rising earlier. This is all good for my vitamin D catcher and spirit.

14,410 feet high, Mt. Rainier stands above it all. It is always good to see it out.

Rolling Bay is a small shop and nursery on Bainbridge close to where my in-laws live. It’s a nice walk up there and they’ve all kinds of good items.

Including a batch of sweatshirts and hoodies with various animals and farm implements.

More to come!