The weekend: Fall Term ended Friday and this weekend we were all home which meant a lot of holiday activities commenced. It was fun, but more to the point I enjoyed that we were all together during the days this weekend. Photos of goings-on below:

The front of the house with a few new lights this year. The glowing balls are from my father’s place from many years ago and they still work, which is lovely.

The inside of the living room, ready to go for the tree. I like this image – there’s clutter, but also items that mean something. The desk, the stockings made by Sara, my father’s axe from his time in the forest service from the late 1940s and if you look closely in the upper left, the dolls of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

Tree gathering with teens. The tree in the foreground was ultimately chosen.


Finally, today is the day that the sun begins to set later. December 9th is the date of the earliest sunset of the season here (due to our latitude on the planet). From now on, the sun will start to set a little bit later and later. Yay!