I took the last two days of the summer work season off to do some chores (clean garage!) and go to the UO Cross Country Dellinger Invitational Meet. It was a good couple of days as the final days of heat ended and the fall storms rolled in off the Pacific. I am moss, lichen, salmon, grey clouds, wool, flannel, plaid and waxed canvas. I look forward to this change so much each year and it rarely disappoints.

The meet was run on a golf course out in Springfield, just east of Eugene. It was a beautiful day with several colleges and universities represented. The men run an 8k race and the women run a 6k race. It’s all anaerobic in the end. Impressive.

Coming into the finishing chute.

From the top of Mt. Pisgah. I started in the dark and it just got light when I made it up. Lovely day as the clouds came in (although this is looking east).

This little gem was spotted on my run this morning on the Ridgeline Trail. One of the others in our group stopped and waited for the rest of us to show us. Spot the Buddha!

I do not normally bike and text and I do not endorse such an activity; however, coming into campus this morning, the slanting eastern sun cut through buildings on the right and lit up this tree. I think it’s cherry, but I did not stop to confirm. Lovely colors. Fall. It is time.