Our visit included a visit to my see my stepmom who turned 85 on Friday! Music was happening at her retirement community so we went to listen.

There is a 70 year age difference in this photo – 🙂
We took the ferry to Seattle several times over the weekend. It is always a lovely ride no matter the weather.
The boat has these poles with coat hooks near the top as well – a neat feature that I had not ever noticed before – close up below:
Stadium lights on the way home after a lovely day celebrating. Two other favorites from these first days:
Mt. Rainier
And these lyrics from the only Thanksgiving song I know caused me to take this photo:

(That’s Why There’s No) Thanksgiving Song

Can’t sing along, cuz there’s no Thanksgiving song

Pieces of April, now scattered round the table

How many more, that’s what this day is for

Take the tin foil from the tray, set silverware and plates

Paper napkins from the drawer

Too gold to stay too long… that’s why there’s

Cheap beer and football, sweet wine and pratfalls

Careful when you go to plate the cranberries should keep the shape

Of the can, our silly yearly plan

Makes us laugh until we shake, what little sense it makes

To save the expiration date

Too gold to stay too long…. that’s why there’s no Thanksgiving song