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Teamwork and floats

Posted on February 6, 2023

Nora had some basketball games this weekend and I was reminded why referees are necessary boundary markers for the games we play. When there are refs, but clear violations of rules are not called, things just get out-of-hand. And they did in one game. In the other game the refs made it clear from the start that they would call penalties which kept the game in good competition. Also a float in Amazon Creek, which flows near our house as seen on my run yesterday.

1948 Boy’s Life

Posted on January 24, 2023

For a variety of reasons I occasionally search for my late father on Google and this time I decided to search for him and the place he worked in the forest service during the summers of 1947 and 1948. Thanks to Google Books, the image of this issue of Boy’s Life showed up. He is mentioned in the article on working with scouts doing trail restoration during the summer of 1948. He was 19 years old. I pretty much know the location of this trail work as well, though I plan to visit it proper this summer. I found a copy of the original on eBay for about fifteen bucks. Aside: The ads in the magazine are quite fascinating to look at and read.…

A day at the Smith River cabin

Posted on January 7, 2023

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Tom, – runner, writer, and all-around handy fella. I was mostly a “gopher” for him as he continued rehabbing his family’s home in the Coast Range of Oregon, south, and west of Eugene. It was beautiful to be there, tucked away and off-grid. We did a few projects: cleaned the wood stove chimney, replaced a woodstove, installed a toilet, and hauled a couple of logs that had been left by the roadside. Fun was had by both of us. Mostly it was great to spend time with Tom, in his element, and at a place that I have come to understand from him as one of his sacred places. Here are a few photos from the…

Bomb cyclone ocean

Posted on January 7, 2023

Sara and I went to the coast on Thursday when we had a rare day off without the kids. It was a fun day and full of wind, sand and a pounding surf caused by the “bomb cyclone” that was happening several hundred miles off shore and south towards California. After seeing the ocean we found a lovely place in Old Town Florence for some fish and chips and chowder. Images below: