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Seattle Thanks 2022 part 3

Posted on December 3, 2022

Final installment of the holiday weekend. Jonah and his Uncle Jon and I went to the Boeing Museum of Flight. We spent the whole day there and had a great time: A model of the lunar rover. I learned from Jonah that the lunar rover could only go as far away as the lander so that if the astronauts had to walk back to the lander, they wouldn’t run out of air. So even though it could have gone further, it was limited so the fellas survived. Interesting! This was Air Force One for Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon:

Safeco Field Tour

Posted on January 3, 2017

My son Jonah and I took a nice tour of Safeco Field when we were up in Seattle this past week. It was a wonderful day with him as we enjoyed the tour, went to Ebbet’s Field Flannels, a vintage baseball clothing store and then went up to Pike Place Market to get some lunch. Afterwards we stopped by Metzger’s Maps. Here’s a little photo album of our visit:   Safeco Field Tour by Sean Sharp on Exposure