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Pamelia Lake & Grizzly Peak

Posted on August 23, 2023

The following are photos from the trip that Nora and I take each year, (which we did this past weekend) to Pamelia Lake and Grizzly Peak in the Jefferson Wilderness Area. We lucked out in terms of smoke as it wasn’t present until we left on Sunday morning. A backpacker is ready to go! Down the trail towards the lake. Our tent by Hyperlight Mountain Gear. It is light, too, weighing in at 29 ounces. We learned a few years back that hanging food was necessary. It was essential to keep the chipmunks from enjoying the grub. 🙂 A good coffee setup is essential for me when in the backcountry. Each morning, I’d make a fresh pour-over and take it to the lake. There…

Astronomical Delights & other items

Posted on July 18, 2023

Jonah and I went to the Pine Mountain Observatory last Friday evening for one of their summer season star gazing events and it was just incredible. Jonah has been into astronomy for a long time so this was a treat for us to do together. The next night we went to the Eugene Astronomy Society’s annual Star Party which was also fun and quite different (think: more people, more telescopes, longer lines, but still great). Photos below. These are two of the observatory domes that house telescopes. We were there well before dark, so we had a chance to look around, plus see a fantastic sunset over the Sisters Mountains to our west. From the top of Pine Mountain, which sits at 6300 feet…


Posted on April 9, 2023

The weekend: UO Women’s Softball with Nora, new season of sports (Spring soccer), robotics continues, and running with pals! Two complimentary tickets were offered to UO Staff for the game on Friday evening. It was my first time in the relatively new ballpark, and it was quite nice. New season of soccer for Nora. New players, a new coach and new dynamics, but always fun for her. Growing up, indeed! This is a screenshot from the South Eugene Robotics Team’s (SERT) Instagram from their competition that was held in Cheney, Washington, over the weekend. They did really well and now are on their way to the World Championships competition in Houston, Texas in two weeks (!). Jonah seems to have found his niche, as…

Permits and Poets

Posted on April 4, 2023

Today: logged into recreation.gov to get the permit for our annual backpacking trip this summer. They became available this morning at 7:00 am where they release 60% of them now and then start releasing the remainders on a 7 day rolling average. Permits are good, I think. It puts some friction into the process of getting into the backcountry and limits overuse. Tonight I participated / listened to a Substack Zoom call by poet and writer, Sherman Alexie. I have always enjoyed his work and it was a treat to be in a room with a few of his friends and fans to listen to him read and talk about his work. We are heading in during the heat of the summer, but hopefully…

Seattle/Bellevue Travel & Robots

Posted on March 27, 2023

This post has more photos than usual, all taken with the trusty orange GM-1. The bridge that crosses the Columbia River is one that I have been traversing since I was a kid and we would come from Seattle to visit my grandmother in Portland. When we were little we nicknamed this “Goofy Grandma’s Bridge,” after her. It still stands and still works, though there is talk of a different one taking its place one day. The town I grew up in, Bellevue, was transformed by the high-tech industry with Microsoft’s campus being just one town over. Now it is a reflective town that I do not recognize anymore, for the most part. Then Robots – Jonah’s South Eugene Robotics Team was in competition…