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Last night the kids and I ran in the “1st Run” 5k here in town. It was a great way for us to start off 2018, with both Nora and Jonah running the whole thing. Nora’s goal was to literally RUN the whole race, without walking which she did. Jonah ran a fast 9:34 pace which helped him take first place in his age division. 

I also acquired a cool little “scratch-off” calendar for the year put out by Tracksmith in New England. It’s a “No Days Off” calendar where for each day of running you scratch out the day and beneath the ink is a word which will make up a complete story as the year goes by. Now, I don’t plan on literally taking no days off from running as that is not how my body works, but I’m looking forward to scratching off the dates as this year rolls by. 

Happy New Year!

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“In our modern lifestyle we are not runners anymore. So we are basically disconnected from what we previously had to do. Most of us are out of shape and we don’t have to run for our hamburger or our dinner. But deep down we are still all runners and so our minds, as much as our muscles are part of this running phenotype.”

It was 25 degrees F. this morning on my run, which is cold for us. Chilly, but I ran in shorts and overall felt really strong. Here’s the dope: